• The film reflects universal questions and soul searching we all go through in life, and gives an inside look at the creative process of an artist finding himself and shifting from “no where” to “NOW HERE”.

    This is a film about musician Jonathan Fleig at the lowest point in his life, working through struggles with career, marriage, friends and the unexpected death of his father, all at the same time. It is about something we all go through in life, when you reach a crossroads where the things you used to do and think don’t work anymore. When everything falls apart and you try to make sense of the pieces. When powerful questions plague your mind and answers don’t seem to be forth-coming… and then… your breakdown turns into a breakthrough. In cooperation with nature, the album was recorded live and outside in 8 beautiful locations all over Kansas. 

    • Speak

      The sound recording for this video was captured live on location at Alexander Farms in Council Grove, KS. This is track # 1 from the album "Road to Nowhere." All 10 tracks have a corresponding mu…

    • Film Threat

      "In the middle of a rainstorm, Fleig and Hardin set up their recording and filming equipment by an old stone church set amongst a seemingly endless prairie; Fleig performs a plaintive, heartfelt song …

    • It’s simplicity on the outside hides the unreal complexity it took to make this masterpiece.

      As a filmmaker myself I tend to be uber critical of docs, especially music based ones. But I will say with total conviction that this film hit a chord in me that very few ever have. It's simplicity …

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