Comments on The Film

As a filmmaker myself I tend to be uber critical of docs, especially music based ones. But I will say with total conviction that this film hit a chord in me that very few ever have. It’s simplicity on the outside hides the unreal complexity it took to make this masterpiece. I haven’t known Brian, the filmmaker but for a couple of years but I do not suffer fools well and Brian is the antibiotic for bad filmmakers. The music in this film is magnificent and now knowing how hard it was to capture sound and picture I am still in awe and really think anyone with a heart and soul that matters to them should see this film. I salute’ you all for this wonderful piece of art and soul.
— ‪Don Wilson


Received my copy of “Road to Nowhere” today. Loved it. Brian did a great job of capturing the heart of this amazing, talented artist. Thank you for sharing your journey, perspective, fears, realizations, pain, and gratitude. Keep going Jonathan, your nowhere is somewhere noone has been, or can go, besides you. 
—Zach S.

This film has reminded me not to judge my success by worldly standards. It has inspired me to be a better husband, father friend, employee and so on.
—Adam D.

I am glad this film has crossed my path. I am glad Jonathan has decided to share his story with the rest of us. I now feel so much more at home with myself.
—Ron B.

Without exaggeration, this movie changed my life and I am sure it will do the same for many others.
—David C.

“Superb. Thought provoking. Heartfelt reality.
Thank you for the teachings, the music and beautiful cinema.”

—Rachelle Figueroa

“F#%&ing awesome!! Great film. I totally felt his transformation. Half way through I was hooked.  Great  job.  Beautifully filmed and edited. Nice!!”
—Ron Vesci

I watched this documentary and really enjoyed it. Pretty inspirational stuff.
—Kevin K.

We just got the chance to watch the DVD of “Road to Nowhere: Living Dreams, Chasing Life” and loved it! The video quality was startling, and the content was so very good — a really professional and compelling video.
—Brad J.

I know many will connect to his personal road to nowhere, it’s worth watching!
—Todd B.

Awesome songs and genuine stories. It’s an American story that still resonates through the heart of those that have visited its memories…
— Jerry B.

This movie is really great!
— Josh F.

Fantastic , beautifully filmed and wonderful story of the human condition—along with great music—love, love!
— Leslie B.

Loved the songs and the message , am feeling very inspired after watching . I wanna quit my job and start living my life!!!!!
— Carissa L.

Great production by Brian. ..and the content is heartfelt.So many people today are facing many of the questions raised in the film.Hopefully..all roads do lead to somewhere for those seeking to soothe the mind, body and spirit.
— Charlie F.



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